Bring New Life to Bathrooms

Not looking forward to arguing over tile for your restroom remodel? Bring new life to bathrooms with polished concrete or a stained overlay. Remodeling can be a hassle. See what miracles the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can perform on your slab concrete floor. You’ll be amazed.

Acid Stained

Bring out the beauty of your new fixtures in the master bathroom with an acid-stained concrete floor. Stone counters, tiled walls, and wood cabinets pair perfectly with the natural look of an acid-stained concrete floor. Expert floor prep, staining, and sealing mean you can enjoy your bathroom floor stress-free for years.

Polished Concrete

Are you looking for an ultra-modern look in a guest bath? High-contrasting colors and materials go well with the uniform appearance of sleek, polished concrete. Stylish and low maintenance, you and your guests will love the look of it. The gloss-level can also contrast your fixtures and countertops nicely, depending on the surfaces you choose.

Epoxy Flooring

Want something fun in the kid’s bathroom and some extra durability? An epoxy floor can take everything your kids can dish out and is available in plenty of fun colors. Acme Decorative Concrete can deliver whatever your imagination can offer. 

Bring new life to bathrooms and avoid the arguments over tile. Do more with your concrete flooring than you ever imagined. Let the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete show you how. Contact them today!

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