Unique Finishes You’ll Love

It’s time to upgrade your indoor and outdoor concrete flooring. Find help from the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete for your concrete flooring solutions. They can provide unique finishes you’ll love for your indoor and outdoor flooring. Whether you are looking for acid-stained, epoxy, stamped, or concrete overlays, they can do it all.

Acid-Stained Flooring

The foremost appeal of acid-stained flooring is the unique finish of every application. Each floor adopts artistic color and movement variations all its own. Regardless of the color you choose, your acid-stained floors give you years of enjoyment.

Rethink Your Indoor Floors

Epoxy floor coating is often considered exclusively for garage spaces. That’s still true, but several indoor spaces could benefit from epoxy coatings like high traffic and wet areas. For example, transitional indoor/outdoor game rooms and bar areas near a pool look fantastic with fresh epoxy coated floors.

Outdoor Spaces

Have you ever wanted the look of wood decking without the hassle of replacing it every few years? Instead, try a wood-like stamped concrete overlay for your outdoor spaces that looks as great as wood without the high maintenance. For whatever finish you can imagine, there’s a concrete stamp for it.

Discover unique finishes you’ll love with help from the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete. Imagine the possibilities and let them bring them to life for you!