Commercial Flooring You Can Count On

Does your commercial space need a flooring upgrade? Make life better for your employees and industrial processes with a new epoxy coating over your existing slab. New epoxy flooring is safe, durable, and cost-effective. Let the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete add value to your business today! Commercial flooring you can count on is closer than you think.

Assembly Lines

The right epoxy coating under your assembly line can help you keep track of errant items, spills, and safe areas. Floors in different colors can help track assembly progress or issues along your production line. Want to keep certain tools in a specific area? Match line toolboxes to the color of the epoxy flooring, and they won’t wander off.


Seeing a potential safety hazard before someone is injured saves millions every year. Prevention can start with a new epoxy flooring. Contrasting colors, safety area colors, and the like can keep your line workers safe from missteps. So what’s keeping you awake about your bottom line?

Low Maintenance

Properly installed epoxy flooring provides years of stain and scuff resistance you can count on. When properly maintained, you can rely on enjoying a look as fresh as the day they were installed. Keep up the look of your Acme Decorative Concrete flooring with the same experts that installed it. Acme Decorative Concrete has the know-how you need.

Find commercial flooring you can count on with the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete. Add value to your enterprise with new epoxy flooring today!