Polished Concrete Overlays

As more people are looking to revitalize their homes, flooring has taken center stage, especially polished concrete overlays. But whether you are looking to breathe new life into a well-loved space or need something completely new, the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete have your solution. 

Residential Polished Concrete

Beyond the appeal of acid-stained concrete or epoxy, polished concrete has climbed out of the airplane hanger and into your man caves. With expert prep and polishing, homeowners can achieve a permanently polished look more efficiently than ever. Expert preparation is critical for long-lasting results.

Concrete Overlay

However, not all concrete slabs are created equally. Holes, spalling, and other slab imperfections will only be magnified during the grinding process. Here, a concrete overlay is required to get the high-gloss finish you deserve. Other features like insets are easier to implement with overlays.

Incredible Results

With either native concrete flooring or a newly installed concrete overlay, you can achieve incredible results. With proper preparation and grinding, you can enjoy high-gloss polished concrete flooring for the life of your home. More and more customers are bringing polished concrete overlays into their homes than ever before. Why wait?

Consult the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete for your polished concrete overlays and see your flooring in a new light. Nothing adds to your enjoyment of your social spaces more than the best flooring you can find. Contact them today!