Discover Durable Beauty in Acid-Stained Flooring

Slab foundations in most Texas homes and multi-family units help builders save on costs and shorten installation. But often, project expediency leaves a lot to be desired with the finished product. Transform your drab concrete flooring by thinking outside the box. First, discover durable beauty in acid-stained flooring and skip the endless searches for tile, carpets, or other floor coverings. Then, let the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can show you the possibilities.

From Slab to Fab

If your slab flooring is perfect, you can go directly to the staining and sealing process. However, some slabs bear the scars of installation. DIY staining jobs only magnify these issues. Sometimes, a concrete overlay is the only way to take your floor from slab to fab. You can trust Acme Decorative Concrete to deliver the results you want.

Acid-Stained Uniqueness

Acid-stained flooring offers a uniqueness you don’t get with other types of floor coverings. Subtle features invariably present after application giving you a completely custom flooring installation. These artistic color and movement variations offer timeless beauty you can enjoy for years with professional installation.


Floor prep and acid-staining are only the first steps to a beautiful finish. Proper sealing with a suitable commercial sealer for your application is critical. Unfortunately, sealing is where DIY usually goes wrong. Improper applications make small mistakes very permanent. Make sure you let the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete handle every step of your flooring installation. You will love the results.

Discover durable beauty in acid-stained flooring when you choose Acme Decorative Concrete. When you want fantastic results, go with the pros you can trust at Acme Decorative Concrete.