Acid Stained Finishes

When looking for the perfect finish for your indoor or outdoor concrete flooring, take a long look at acid-stained finishes from Acme Decorative Concrete. Enjoy earthy tones in a variety of patterns where no two floors are identical. Whatever your vision, the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can bring your vision to life.

Acid-Based Stain

Modern concrete stains are either acid or water-based stains. Acid-stains are typically a mixture of water, hydrochloric acid, and acid-soluble metallic salts that bond to the calcium hydroxide (hydrated lime) in the concrete. When the stain reacts, it becomes part of the concrete that won’t peel, chip, or fade. In addition, commercial quality sealer options add unmatched durability and ease of maintenance to the entire project.

No Two Floors Alike

Concrete stains, like wood stains, are semi-transparent. This fact makes the condition of the underlying concrete surface critical to the final appearance of the stain. Acid-staining enhances the concrete surface. Consider this if your concrete floor has repairs and cracks – the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can help you choose the right product for your floor.

Good Sealer is Key

Every acid-stained concrete floor deserves a good sealer. What makes a sealer good? That depends on the type of stain, indoor or outdoor flooring, and foot traffic conditions. A good sealer will give you excellent day-to-day protection, color enhancement, and final gloss level. 

When you are ready to upgrade to your concrete flooring, consider acid-stained finishes from the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete. Contact them today to start the process to bring your dream flooring to life.