Handcrafted Concrete Countertops

Concrete Countertops

You want the best for your family, so you want the best for your home. So step outside the box in your kitchen remodel when you install handcrafted concrete countertops. Not only can you get something completely custom, but you will see a return on your investment for years to come. Let the experts at…

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Thinking Outside the Box

thinking outside the box

You know the routine. Pull into your garage, and look back to see your bland driveway baking in the sun. But, it’s time for some thinking outside the box when it comes to improving your driveway. Don’t want to pour a new one? No problem. The experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can give your driveway…

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When DIY is DI-Don’t


Part of the pleasure of homeownership is all the DIY projects you get to tackle yourself. But considering the zoning ordinances, some projects are better left to the professionals. For example, although nothing says you can’t stain your concrete flooring, the cost of regret, and re-doing, can be steep. So do it right the first…

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Breathe New Life into Kitchen Flooring

kitchen flooring

There is a lot of flooring variety in Dallas homes. Be it slab or subfloor, sometimes what you find can be a welcome surprise or an opportunity to do something great. But, when you are rethinking your kitchen floors, and you’re on a slab, your options are more extensive than you think. So let the…

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Seeing is Believing in Modern Stamped Concrete

modern stamped concrete

It’s challenging imagining concrete flooring in any form other than a flat, grey slab stretching into the horizon. But, if you are done looking at that flat expanse of dull concrete, consider making a change with help from the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete. Seeing is believing in modern stamped concrete, and Acme Decorative Concrete…

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Why an Epoxy Garage Floor is Worth the Investment


When you want to breathe new life into your tired concrete garage flooring, trust the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete to give you the right solution. When it comes to concrete garage flooring, epoxy coating leads the field for durability, cleanability, and safety. When your concrete garage floor needs a makeover, trust the experts at…

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Do More With Your Concrete Floors

concrete floors

Concrete flooring still plays a vital role in modern residential and commercial construction. But just because something is efficient doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. So do more with your concrete floors with help from Acme Decorative Concrete, your concrete flooring finishing experts. Put your imagination to the test. The experts at Acme Decorative Concrete…

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Acid Stained Finishes

Acid Stained Finishes

When looking for the perfect finish for your indoor or outdoor concrete flooring, take a long look at acid-stained finishes from Acme Decorative Concrete. Enjoy earthy tones in a variety of patterns where no two floors are identical. Whatever your vision, the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete can bring your vision to life. Acid-Based Stain…

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Preparation is Key in Concrete Flooring

preparation is key

Has your garage flooring seen better days? When your stained, pale-grey concrete floors have become too much to look at, contact the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete to breathe new life into your concrete flooring. Preparation is key, the experts at Acme Deco can guide you through the entire process and make sure your vision…

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The Best of Both Worlds

best of both worlds

It isn’t easy to choose the home improvements that deliver the best bang for your buck as remodeling prices soar. Modifying existing concrete surfaces is a quick way to breathe new life into your home when done right. Don’t be fooled by contractors that promise an easy fix. Acme Decorative Concrete has 26 years of…

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