Breathe New Life into Kitchen Flooring

There is a lot of flooring variety in Dallas homes. Be it slab or subfloor, sometimes what you find can be a welcome surprise or an opportunity to do something great. But, when you are rethinking your kitchen floors, and you’re on a slab, your options are more extensive than you think. So let the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete show you how to breathe new life into kitchen flooring.

Skip the Industrial Look

Concrete flooring doesn’t resign you to a cold industrial look. Instead, a properly installed overlay that’s stamped or stained can create the unique look you want. Best of all, concrete flooring is easier to maintain than you may think.

Concrete Kitchen Flooring

What does the life of a typical kitchen floor look like? Spills, foot traffic, sliding chairs, more spills, and occasional clean-ups. Punishing even on a light day, your kitchen floors go through a lot. Tile can only do so much, and eventually, grout lines give up. But a stained concrete kitchen floor is not only beautiful but durable.

Easy to Clean?

Do you picture an industrial mopping machine when you think of cleaning a concrete floor? Your stained concrete kitchen flooring can be as easy to clean as linoleum, slate, or tile with proper installation. But, doing it right means skipping DIY and consulting the professionals at Acme Decorative Concrete.

Breathe new life into kitchen flooring with stained concrete in colors you will love. Stained concrete is for more than outdoor social spaces. Bring the beauty inside with help from Acme Decorative Concrete today!