When DIY is DI-Don’t

Part of the pleasure of homeownership is all the DIY projects you get to tackle yourself. But considering the zoning ordinances, some projects are better left to the professionals. For example, although nothing says you can’t stain your concrete flooring, the cost of regret, and re-doing, can be steep. So do it right the first time with help from the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete.


Preparation is the foundation of a spectacular stained concrete floor, and grinding is a big step. But don’t be fooled when you see handheld grinders on the DIY websites. Professional concrete grinders have broad diamond grinder surfaces and cost thousands of dollars. But, professional tools in the right hands get professional results.


The last place you want a knowledge gap is when mixing your stain. Add the complexity of water versus acid stains, proper solvents, drying times, and mix ratios, and you begin to see where all your advanced math courses come in. But hiring the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete means all you have to choose is the color of the stain.


No matter how wonderful the prep work or how smooth the stain was applied, it’s all for nothing without a proper sealant job. The only DIY work you can rely on at this stage is to dial the telephone and call Acme Decorative Concrete. Don’t be fooled. Using a paint roller doesn’t make someone an expert in sealing a freshly stained concrete floor.Save your weekends for relaxing and leave DIY staining your concrete floors to the experts at Acme Decorative Concrete. The return on investment of a professionally done floor is years of beauty and enjoyment with very little maintenance. Contact them today!